Which Electric Bike Company Should You Choose in 2022? HOVSCO

Which Electric Bike Company Should You Choose in 2022?

Looking to buy an electric bike, but confused by the e-bikes provided by different companies? Or Do you want to know which electric bike company you should choose? 

Well, these are the questions that are common among e-bike buyers in 2022. New electric bike companies are coming up every Friday. Most of these are companies that just import some Chinese bikes and put their logo on them.

Well, there is nothing wrong with importing bikes from China, but the main problem here is that e-bikes come with quality issues. What makes it even worse is the absence of after-sales service for customers.

Buying an e-bike is an investment and you should be careful to choose to buy an e-bike from a renowned brand. But, how do you identify the best electric bike company?

Well, apart from the attractive websites showing the best features on their e-bikes, there are certain things that you must consider while buying an e-bike. In the following section, we will mention the best electric bike companies you should choose. Now, let’s have a look at all the pointers that you must consider while choosing to buy an e-bike.


Which Electric Bike Company Should You Choose?

Brand Value: The first thing that you must consider is the brand value, check how old is the brand and how much experience they have in making e-bikes. Check their reviews and how they respond to their customer inquiries. Now, you might find that some brands that have too many positive reviews can be a negative point here. Most new brands engage in malpractices such as adding paid reviews. But, you can ask questions on forums such as quora, where you can ask previous owners about their experience of owning an e-bike from a particular brand.

Read their policies: One mistake that a lot of people make is that they do not read the warranty/replacement policies on an e-bike and its parts. These policies are available on the website, and you should read them. Here you will find all the details related to our bike parts, maintenance and what is all covered under warranty. One thing to know for sure is that different e-bike parts come with different warranty periods. For example, the battery comes with a warranty of one year, whereas the headlights and other accessories might have warranty coverage of 6 months.

Manufacturing practice: Check if the e-bike manufacturers do in-house production of the e-bike or do they import their parts. If they import then what parts do they import? Also, ask them for the supplier of the parts. Once you know the name of the supplier, then you check about the reliability of the parts online. Now, importing some parts for the e-bikes is fine, but importing complete e-bikes from a supplier and then rebranding the same is a big red flag! This means that any repair work would take more time because the e-bike would be sent back to the supplier. As a result, this is going to be a tedious process. Therefore, if you find an e-bike brand that manufactures everything on its own, then you must choose that brand.

Pricing and features: Once you have checked the above-mentioned points, then you can consider the pricing and the features of the e-bike. Write down your requirements and what you expect from your e-bike. You must consider range, torque, power and along with all the accessories that you want in your e-bike. Once you have the list, then you can compare the pricing of different e-bikes. You have to make sure that you get the value for your money.

After Sales Support: Many e-bike manufacturers have a chain of dealers who handle e-bike maintenance and customer support services. If there is a network of customer centres, then you must check whether they are near your home or not. Also, check for how much routine checkup or maintenance the bike will require. Although the majority of e-bikes do not require any special maintenance, still you should check this.

Summing Up

These are some of the points that you must consider while choosing an electric bike company. An e-bike is an investment and you should do complete research before investing your money. One thing that you must do is to stay away from brands that just import e-bikes from china, add their logo & sell! For the rest, make sure to consider all these points and check with the e-bike company to ensure that you get the best experience of buying and owning an electric bike.

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