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The Top 5 Reasons to Consider an Electric Bike for Commuters

Commute to work or school on an electric bike for fitness and speed.

About 837,000 Americans rode a bicycle to work in 2017, according to data released by the Census Bureau in September 2018.

Due to the lack of investment in bike lanes or similar infrastructure, the number was almost 30,000 lower than the previous year. Commutes on bicycles can take a long time or require a lot of effort.

Electric bikes may change this trend and encourage more Americans to ride to work or school. Here are five reasons commuters should consider electric bikes.

No. 1: Better Health

The use of an electric bike for work or school keeps you active and may have significant health benefits, including the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer, or even premature death generally.

Even though electric bikes are easier to ride than traditional bicycles (less strenuous), they still promote physical activity, especially when compared to driving to work or taking the bus.

Pedal assistance may also encourage commuters to leave the car at home and bike to work.

No. 2: Electric Bikes Get You There Faster

Unless you are a Tour de France veteran, an electric bike is going to be faster than its conventional cousins. Getting to work on time can be an important factor in your commute.

On a regular bicycle, it takes about an hour and five minutes to travel 12 miles to work or school, while on an electric bike it takes only 36 minutes. The estimated top speed of an electric bike (a legal requirement) is compared to an average speed for a standard bicycle, but maintaining 20 miles per hour on an electric bike requires about as much effort as reaching an average speed on a traditional bicycle.

No. 3: You Can Commute Farther with an Electric Bike

The faster you ride, the further you can go in a given amount of time. If you're riding, you may not care how fast you're going, rather you want to know that you'll arrive at work in 15 or 20 minutes.

Thus, electric bikes can also get you further. For a pedal-power-only bike to work or school, you would need to be less than four miles from work or school if you only have 20 minutes to commute. In the same amount of time, an electric bike could take you nearly seven miles.

Secondly, electric bikes are easier to ride. A pedal-assist system adds power to each stroke, so you can ride further with the same amount of effort on a conventional bike.

If you're just beginning to commute by bike, pedaling ten miles could be difficult, but with an electric bike, the ride will be manageable and, quite frankly, a lot of fun. You can commute further with an electric bike.

No. 4: Electric Bikes Provide a Sweat-free Ride

When it's 105 degrees Fahrenheit in August in Phoenix, Arizona, you're going to sweat. You might sweat in an air-conditioned car in those conditions. This point, that electric bikes provide a sweat-free ride, is relative, but still fairly true.

From 2005 to 2008, I commuted by bicycle 18 miles each way a few days a week. My ride into work left me so sweaty that I stopped at a gym nearby and took a shower before riding the last quarter mile into work.

At work, I wanted to look neat, clean, and professional, and a conventional bike was too strenuous to skip the shower.

No. 5: Electric Bike Commuting Saves Money

Taking an electric bike to work can be much less expensive than driving or taking public transportation.

If you commute in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, or San Francisco, you may be spending a lot of money just to park your car.

It is not uncommon to pay $20 to $50 per day to park a car in Manhattan. Bike parking is free. You could save $400-to-$1,000 per month if you're a New Yorker.

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