Take Family Rides With Hovsco hovcart HOVSCO

Take Family Rides With Hovsco hovcart

For families looking for a reliable ride to take them anywhere with speed and comfort, there is the Hovsco Hovcart. Combining modern technology and innovative design, the hovcart offers a safe and comfortable ride for families of all sizes. Whether you're looking to explore the great outdoors or make it to your next sibling's birthday party, the hovcart will take you there in style. Let's take a closer look at what makes the hovcart such an appealing family ride.


Hovsco hovcart

The powerful cargo loading system of this Class 2 E-bike allows for adaptable torque sensor technology. It comes with a Shimano 7-speed shifter, a 750w Brushless Gear HUB Motor, and a maximum speed capacity of 28MPH that can be unlocked via an app.

What's more? You get a 60-mile range and a 720wh LG Battery with a flashlight! Unlock more speed when you upgrade to Class 3 via the app. Enjoy an unbeatable ride and haul conveniently and safely. Reflective of its superior design, strength, and durability, the Hovsco hovcart is ready for all your riding needs!

1. Multifunctional Modular Rack

With the Hovsco hovcart, you can express your creativity with its multifunctional modular rack system. This system can carry up to 450 pounds in 200 combinations, providing more flexibility and convenience for carrying items around town.

The bike's sturdy lower center design makes it perfect for family rides and provides a stable and reliable ride. With the large basket mounted on the rear rack, you can rest easy that your goods are securely transported. If you would rather take the kids out for a spin, mount a children's double seat with a cushion instead of the cargo basket.

2. Brushless Gear Hub Motor

The 750W gear hub SUTTO motor is a cutting-edge technology that produces more power with greater efficiency. Bafang has developed it, generating up to 85 Nm of torque for quicker acceleration and an easy climb even on the toughest terrain. With this latest motor installed in Hovsco hovcart, you can have a stronger, smoother, and more comfortable ride.

3. Torque Sensor

By measuring the power, you're putting into pedaling. Torque sensor pedal assist systems regulate electric assistance levels to provide an intuitive ride. They can be found in higher-end e-bikes or conversion kits and are typically located in the bottom bracket, rear dropout, or rear hub motor. Also, they accurately mimic your pedal power. You can enjoy a family ride with the confidence of this efficient system.

4. LED Strip Light

You'll never have to worry about running out of light during a night ride. It has a full LED strip light offers 4m of brightness across 20 m². Enjoy illuminated rides anytime. Also, the battery is equipped with a light to make your ride more enjoyable and worry-free.

5. Lithium-Ion Battery

To power your Hovsco hovcart, the new 48V 15Ah Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery will provide a range of 40 miles of pure electric power and over 60 miles with pedal assist. The 5000mAh single cell has a 720Wh capacity and can be recharged up to 1000 times without losing more than 20% of its capacity. Enjoy the efficiency, stability, and safety of cutting-edge battery technology from Samsung/LG.

6. Smooth TIG Weld

The hovcart is crafted with precision for added strength and durability, with an attractive finish. We use advanced TIG welding or fish scale welding techniques commonly applied to aluminum frames, along with the latest technology for perfect surfaces and smooth seams. Also, using TIG welding, we can create perfect and attractive frames.

7. Unlock Speed With Hovsco App

Using Hovsco App, you can access information regarding your bike, register your warranty, and unlock the speed limit. Keep track of your speed, travel time, odometer, and trips with the app's helpful features. Additionally, if you're looking for other cyclists to ride with, go for it!

Two different classes are available - Class 2 offers up to 20mph, while Class 3 can reach 28mph. So, what are you waiting for? Download Hovsco App and experience the ride of your life!


1. What's The Cost Of Hovsco hovcart?

The cost of the Hovsco hovcart e-bike starts from $1999, including taxes and shipping. Our e-bikes come with easy-to-follow instructions to help you assemble your bike quickly and safely. Also, our after-sales service ensures you get the most out of your bike.

2. Is It Safe To Take Family Rides With Hovsco hovcart?

Absolutely! The Hovsco hovcart e-bike is designed with safety in mind, featuring enhanced stability and handlebars that give you maximum control over your ride. Plus, the electric motor offers a range of speeds to choose from, and the battery lasts for many miles! All in all, you can be sure your family rides will be safe and enjoyable.

3. How Long Does The Electric Motor Last?

The electric motor of the Hovsco hovcart e-bike is designed to last for many miles, depending on how frequently and intensely you use it. However, you can expect a 60 miles of service from the battery before recharging it.

Take a Joy Ride With Hovsco hovcart

Ready for an adventure? With the Hovsco hovcart, you can create more memories with your family and friends. Built with modern technology and stylish designs, this bike will give you a reliable ride for miles and miles. Also, with the assistance of the Hovsco App, you can take your excursions to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Get on your Hovsco and hit the road!


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