Meet Hovsco E-Bike - Hovscout HOVSCO

Meet Hovsco E-Bike - Hovscout

For all your cycling needs, the Hovscout e-bike is here! Get ready to be amazed by this electric bike's sleek and stylish design and innovative technology. You can ride further and faster with a powerful motor and advanced features like hill assist. And with its lightweight frame and adjustable components, this bike is perfect for anyone who loves to explore their surroundings. Welcome to the future of cycling – Hovscout has arrived!


A Quick Glance At Hovscout

Before you take off, it's important to know what the bike is made of:

  • Peak motor of 1032W and sustained motor of 750W
  • Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 15Ah (720Wh) battery
  • Includes 54.6V 3 Amp Fast Charger that takes 7 hours to charge
  • BC280 LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight screen and app
  • 170mm crankset with 42T chainring
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 180mm Rotors
  • 7-speed rear derailleur and chain
  • There's a 9/16' Alloy platform pedals, an ergonomic grip, and a quality saddle for added comfort.
  • The frame is made of aluminum alloy with an internal battery, and the fork has 80mm travel with lockout.
  • For speed, you can ride up to 15.5 MPH (25km/h) in Europe or a higher speed of 28Mph unlocked through the hovsco app in the US.
  • Plus, it has torque and cadence sensors with 5 levels of pedal assist.
  • On average, you can get a 40-60 miles range from the bike, weighing only 72.8 lbs with a maximum payload capacity of 450 lbs.

What Are The Top Features?

The Hovscout is designed to offer an unbeatable combination of comfort and convenience. From its powerful motor to its ultra-lightweight aluminum frame, this electric bike has features that make it the perfect choice for any cyclist.

1. Speed And Performance

The Hovscout e-bike is built with a powerful motor that can reach speeds up to 28mph, giving you unmatched performance on any terrain. Whether riding up a steep hill or conquering the most rugged terrain, you can do it easily thanks to the 750W and 85Nm of torque sensing from the highly advanced brushless gear hub SUTTO motor. So get ready for a thrilling ride!

2. Comfort And Handling

Forget the bumps and jolts of riding over rough terrain - the HovScout ebike offers front and rear suspension elements that make your ride smooth. The rear four-bar linkage suspension features adjustable rebound controls and a lockout mode to improve pedaling efficiency. Meanwhile, its coil suspension ensures front stability for maximum balance when climbing and accelerating. Conquer any terrain with this innovative suspension system!

3. Adjust Power Optimally

The HovScout can instantly measure the force applied to the pedals with the torque sensor pedal assist system. This allows for a tailored output power for a satisfying ride every time. Also, the battery is equipped with a 4-meter long, 20 m² bright LED strip light to ensure illumination at night. Forget concerning yourself with any nighttime light outages!

4. Powerful Battery

The Hovscout New E-Bike has a 48V 15Ah Lithium-ion battery for an enduring and dynamic ride. Coupled with a 750W motor, this high-capacity integrated battery provides an outstanding 720Wh range! Depending on your riding mode (pedal-assist or pure electric), you can travel up to 60 miles or 40 miles per charge. With such a powerful battery, you can explore any terrain with ease!

5. LCD Screen

Forget about having to take your eyes off the road. Get all the information you need at a glance on an easy-to-read LCD screen on the handlebars. Read battery, speed, pedal assist level, range, and distance in one convenient place. Stay focused and informed with the LCD Screen.

6. TIG Welding

We use the classic Fish Scale welding process to ensure durability and strength. However, this usually leaves behind an unfinished look. We've adopted the latest technology to smooth out any seams for perfect surface welding to ensure you get a pristine finish on your ride. Also, our Hovscout E-Bike is lightweight and made with an aluminum frame for added strength. Ride in confidence, knowing you've got the best quality bike!

Top Benefits Of Riding Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are ideal for those who want a more efficient, comfortable, and versatile way to get around. Here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy when you take your bike out for a spin:

1. Effortless Riding

One of the biggest advantages of electric bikes is that they require very little effort to ride. With an assist from the motor when you want it, you can keep the pedals rolling for a much longer distance with far less fatigue. You'll be able to tackle longer rides and enjoy the scenery around you easily.

2. Lower Cost of Ownership

Electric bikes are a much more cost-effective mode of transport than traditional bikes or cars. With no need for fuel, insurance, or parking fees, you can save money each time you take your bike out for a spin. Also, without costly repairs, you can keep your bike in excellent condition with minimal effort.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Electric bikes are ultimately more sustainable than traditional forms of transport. Electric bikes emit zero emissions and have a much lower environmental impact than cars or motorbikes because they require no fuel to power them. Plus, you'll be doing your part in reducing traffic congestion, helping keep the air cleaner.

4. Easy Storage

Electric bikes are much more compact than cars and can easily be stored in small spaces like apartments or garages. With no need for fuel, you won't have to worry about constantly refilling it either - just charge it up, and you'll be ready to hit the road.

5. Versatile And Convenient

Electric bikes are ideal for commuters looking for a quick, convenient way to get around town. With no need to worry about traffic jams or parking spaces, you can easily hop on your bike and make it from point A to point B. You can do it quickly and efficiently, whether heading to work, the store, or just out for a leisurely ride.

Summing Up

Experience the joys of electric biking with Hovscout! With its powerful motor and lightweight frame, you can enjoy all these benefits and the convenience of quickly hopping on and off your bike. Also, with its easy storage and lower cost of ownership, you'll be able to make the most out of your bike without breaking the bank. Enjoy effortless rides with Hovscout today!


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