Hovsco vs Aventon: Comparing HovBeta Step-through to Sinch Foldable Fat Ebike HOVSCO

Hovsco vs Aventon: Comparing HovBeta Step-through to Sinch Foldable Fat Ebike

By releasing the HovBeta Step-Through, Hovsco steps into the rapidly expanding world of off-road ebikes. We're certain that the fat tire Hovsco, as well as the HovBeta Step-Through, will quickly make their way to the top of their class!  

We decided to compare our newest addition to the field, the HovBeta, with one of the oldest, the Sinch, made by Aventon Bikes, in order to put this statement in context. You should compare yourself to the best if you want to determine how you stack up against everyone else.

We're going to compare these ebikes in four sections. It will start with a "Stats" section, comparing the HovBeta side-by-side with both of these ebikes based on their stated performance. This might be presented to you as a potential customer trying to make a decision. The following sections will cover each ebike's features and accessories in more detail. Let's examine the specifications first.




Model HovBeta Step-Thru Sinch
Motor 750W 500W
Battery 48V 15Ah (720Wh) 48V 14Ah (672Wh)
Charger 48V 3A 48V 3A
Brake Hydraulic Disc Mechanical Disc Brake
Display LCD LCD


Purple, Red

Green, Red

Gears 7 7
Top Speed Adjustable to 28MPH 20 MPH
APP Yes Yes
Price $1,699 $1,799




How do these two ebikes compare when you look them straight up and down? View their stats side-by-side in our  HovBeta vs Aventon Aventure breakdown.


Model HovBeta Step-Thru Sinch
Motor 750W 500W
Battery 48V 15Ah (720Wh) 48V 14Ah (672Wh)
Pedal Assist 5 Levels 5 Levels
Throttle Yes Yes
Top Speed  Adjustable to 28MPH 20MPH

45 miles per charge

40 miles per charge

Size 1 Available 1 Available
Step-Through Model Yes Yes
Weight 73lbs 68lbs
Gear 7 7
Lights Frontlight & Backlight No
Display LCD Backlit LCD
Price  $1,699 $1,799


These two ebikes appear similar on the surface, and the only differences may raise eyebrows, such as battery capacity, motor power, and price. Based on the above points alone, someone with no brand loyalty and no interest in a better motor and battery that results in a longer riding range and longer bike lifespan may choose to buy the more expensive bike with its "older build up brand and little fame". Nevertheless, when you're spending that kind of money, you'd be wise to get down to the nitty gritty details in order to make a wise purchasing decision. That was exactly what we wondered when comparing HovBeta and Sinch.



We began by further exploring the e element of the two ebikes we were comparing. Examining not only the components of the electrical systems but, in some cases, how the system has been conceived.










Compared to Sinch, HovBeta has more power available with 7% larger battery and our ebikes enable you to trave further on each charge. 


750W 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor 

500W 48V 

HovBeta has a larger motor, which gives it a better performance and longer lifespan. It is frustrating for riders, especially on longer distances, when the electricity runs out. With the HovBeta 750W power, you can take out on the trail and spend more time where you want to be. 

Pedal Assist

5 Levels of PA

5 Levels of PA

Our pedal assists are equal. Equally power assist, and positioned in the same place on the ebike.


48V 3A

48V 3A

Both are equipped with the same charger. The higher charger means more time being where you want to be; out on the trail!

LCD Screen



Both displays show battery charge level, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, and your pedal assist level. So nothing different there.

Lights Standard Front Light & Rear Light No Light

You will never have to worry about not being seen or having your lights fail mid-ride with integrated front and rear lights. 

Sensor  Torque Sensor Torque Sensor

With a torque sensor, you are always helping. Even at the 300% level you are still providing 1/4 of the power yourself. Whilst a cadence sensor is a constant speed bike (to the limit you set on your display). More smart, less strength you need to take with a torque sensor. 





After looking at the e part of these ebikes, we naturally moved onto the bike part of these ebikes during our HovBeta vs Sinch comparison.








Hydraulic Disc

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Compared to mechanical brakes, hydraulic brakes deliver more power and smoother operation. Since hydraulic brakes are safer, they make sense when you're riding a machine that can reach 20mph from a standing start, while also being quite a bit heavier than a regular bicycle.




Having an extra gears means more flexibility with speed and the ability to transition between gears slightly smoother. HovBeta and Sinch both are equipped with 7 speed gearing. 

Suspension Fork

Zoom Spring Coil Fork


Coil Fork


Other than the recognizable and trusted HovBeta fork, there is not much difference between these two parts of an ebike. Both have a healthy 45mm of travel for absorbing bumps when setting out on an adventure!


The safety of the rider should be one of the major concerns of the manufacturers of powerful, rideable machines such as ebikes. HovBeta Step-Through hydraulic brakes which work smoothly and efficiently time and time again with no cable stretching over time, shows, again, the level of detailed thought which has gone into one of these ebikes over the other. A more trusted brand of suspension fork is also always welcome as it gives the rider more comfortable while riding the muddy, or rough mountain road.




A product analysis always ends with you sitting back and taking a moment to see if it's what you're looking for. While we consider the HovBeta Step-Through to be sleeker and sexier, we noted a few other points as well.


Model HovBeta Sinch Comments
Frame Step-Through Step-Through Like Sinch, with a step-through model, HovBeta is not only accessible to a wider audience, but also more appealing. Both HovBeta and Sinch ebikes are offered in step-through models in one size.


Purple, Dark Grey, Red 


Green, Red

Sometimes customer buy an ebike because of its beautiful colors, so more color options will definitely accommodate rider's different color preferences!

Weight 73lbs 68lbs The weight of an ebike is an important factor to consider. 
Carry Capacity 400lbs (icl. nrider) 300lbs With much more weight capacity, HovBeta riders can pack their bags without thinking about weight much because they know the ebike can meet their life demands.
Integrated Battery Yes Yes HovBeta integrate it into the frame in a stylishly sleek way. That's what most riders want to see. 

20 4” Fat Tire

Puncture Resistant

20 x 4” Fat Tire Both ebikes come with the same tires. These are excellent fat tires which are rated for ebikes and will keep you comfortable and stable over any terrain, in all conditions.


With an analytical, physical lens you can see how these ebikes are different from one another. The attention to detail has been impressive on both bikes. However, HovBeta's higher motor and better battery obviously will provide riders with more power and a longer range. Its LED strip on one side of the battery gives riders much convenience at night or when the phone or USB charger runs out of power. HovBeta Step-Through is simply that much better to ride, and if we may say so ourselves, that much better to look at!




There are many similarities between these two ebikes, making them virtually indistinguishable after comparing them side by side. But, as we continue to mention, you need to look under the hood and see what happens with the electrical, mechanical, and physical aspects of these ebikes. If you go beyond the basic statistics and dig a little deeper, you will learn more about these ebikes, the processes they went through in design and production, and, in reality, that is where the true value is found.

Once again, and we put this as humbly as we can, the HovBeta Step-Through has outclassed one of its rivals due to the attention paid to every detail. The idea that it is available in a variety of frame sizes to suit everyone who wants to ride it comfortably, like any other bike. And HovBeta has a larger battery, and charge quicker than Sinch.

This attention to detail is a hallmark of everything Hovsco designs, builds, and does. We are very proud of the final product and are so excited to release this new ebike into the wild! Last but not least: we know this isn't a beauty contest... But tell us which one of these machines you think is the most beautiful.


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