Hovsco HovRanger vs Aventon Level HOVSCO

Hovsco HovRanger vs Aventon Level

Two weeks ago we published the article about HovAlpha vs Aventure. In case you haven't seen this piece, or forgot that memory, you can find it here: Hovsco HovAlpha vs Aventon Aventure.  

Today we are going to take a look at the specs of Hovsco HovRanger Step-Through and Aventon Level ebikes, and pros and cons depending upon a rider’s needs. They're both urban-focused commuter ebikes, designed for replacing a car trip to work or school. Both ship with convenience features like fenders and a rear rack. The HovRanger ST sells for $1699 vs. $1799 for Level, a difference of $100.                                                              

As we compare these ebikes, we will use four sections - lenses, if you will - in order to make our assessment. First, you'll find a "Stats" or summary section where we will compare the HovRanger Step-Through with Aventon Level ebikes based on their stated performance. The following three sections will detail each ebike's features and accessories in greater detail. Let's get started!








750W, 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor

500W, 48V Brushless Hub Motor


48V,15A (720Wh)

48V,14A (672Wh)


Up to 60 miles

Up to 40 miles
Sensor Torque Sensor Cadence Sensor
Payload Capacity 450 lbs 250 lbs
Price $1,699 $1,799


As you can see, the main difference lies in the electric parts. HovRanger has a 750-watt motor, which is 250 watts more powerful than Aventon Level. This results in more torque that the bike can provide. HovRanger reaches an astonishing 80Nm for its torque sensor, which is totally different from Aventon's cadense sensor. Because 80Nm torque sensing means a stronger power and more riding stability will be provided when climbing hills and slopes.

And HovRanger's battery capacity is higher than Level. Battery is one of the key components of an ebike. More battery means more range. So HovRanger has a 20 miles range mroe than Level.

Maximum payload capacity looks to be a big difference. The total weight capacity of HovRanger is at 450 pounds while the Level lists 250 pounds for max rider weight and 50 pounds for cargo weight for a total of 300 pounds. And 

Now, let's dive in the detailed comparison in four bike part sections.


The next lens through which we’re going to look at these ebikes through is that of the electrical components; the e if you will. Not only are we going to compare the electrical components but we’re also going to see what these choices, made by the manufactures, actually amount to in the final product.








750W, 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor

500W, 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor

HovRanger is equipped with a 750W motor, but Level only has 500W motor. That means HovRanger accelerates more quickly and carries more rider weight, and climbs steep hills. 




HovRanger is equipped with a 720Wh battery, which is higher than that of Level 672Wh, and gains a 20 miles longer distance than them.

Sensor Torque sensor Cadance Sensor


Comparing to cadence sensor, torque sensor is intuitive, precise and economical because it Indicates the efficient use of energy achieved and maximize the bike's battery life. Also, it is more pricey than cadence sensor.


48V 3 Amp Fast Charger

48V 3A 

Both are with the same charger.

Pedal Assist

5 Levels

5 Levels

Pedal assist are five levels to be chosen. Help riders to ride more smoothly and confortably. 

LCD Screen

LCD Digital Display

Backlit LCD 

Both displays show the necessary battery charge level, an odometer, your pedal assist level, speedometer and a real time power output meter. 


Integrated front and rear lights


HovRanger has both front and rear light; while Level not. 


Knowledge base: What is torque sensor?

A torque sensor in an electric bike component that measures the force you apply to the pedals, helping the motor provide assistance proportionally. When you push harder, the motor gives more power; when you ease up, it reduces assistance. This results in a more intuitive and efficient ride, enhancing overall biking experience, battery life, and making uphill climbs easier.

Most ebikes in the market nowadays are equipped with a what is called a cadence sensor. They are relatively more sensitive, and order the motor to give more power than the torque sensor.

Comparing to cadence sensor, torque sensor is intuitive, precise and economical because it Indicates the efficient use of energy achieved and maximize the bike's battery life. Also, it is more pricey than cadence sensor.



After looking at the e-part of these ebikes, we naturally moved onto the bike part of these ebikes during our Hovsco vs Aventon comparison.


Model HovRanger Level Comments
Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake Both are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes which deliver more power in a smoother fashion than mechanical disc brakes; giving you quicker and smoother stopping capabilities. 
Gearing 7 Gears 8 Gears The 7 gears or 8 gears almost have the same function, giving you the great flexibility when it comes to getting what you want out of your ebike, whether you are heading uphill or zooming around on flat ground.
Suspension Fork Zoom Fork
75mm of travel 
Zoom Fork Both have a healthy 75mm of travel for absorbing bumps when one sets out on an adventurous ride!






Finally, in comparison of Hovsco vs Aventon, we sat back and looked at these ebikes as a whole, took in their stature, and looked at the elements which made up each of these machines' physiques.








Standard and Step-Through

Standard and Step-Thru

All these ebikes are offered in standard and step-through models. 


White, Rose Gold, Dark Green

Rose Gold, Grey

Here at Hovsco we know that one color doesn't fit all, and when to comes to spending over $1699 on an ebike, you want to make sure you like the bike appearance greatly!


Front and Back

Front and Back

Both of these ebikes come with fenders which can help keep your bike clean, reducing the amount of maintenance you have to do and greatly increasing the longevity of your components. 


27.5"x2.35" Kenda puncture resistant liner

27.5" Ebike Rated

These ebikes are using high quality, puncture proof tires made by the highly respected tire manufacturer Kenda.


Front and Back

Front and Back

All these ebikes have the ability to add cargo holders front and back. Excellent for day-to-day usage or impromptu picnics in the local park.




Both ebikes have step-through frame design which are nice when a bag or cargo on the rear rack makes it difficult to swing a leg over the frame. Utility and good-looking are combined. In addition, they are pretty fast, reaching a top speed of about 28 mph with pedal assist and 20 mph when using only the throttle. This makes both bikes Class 3. 

It’s great that both bikes include the fenders and a rear rack to make them commuter ready right off the bat.  It’s also great that the HovRanger includes integrated front and rear lights; the Level doesn’t. It can be tough deciding between these two bikes since they offer many of the same good quality components.  

The range of an ebike will travel on a single charge varies on many different factors such as speed, weight, accelerations, crosswinds, motor exertion and more. Riding the HovRanger solely using the throttle at 28 MPH gets you 60 miles of range! Considering that throttle exerts more from the battery, the range only goes higher from there as you move down the pedal assist levels.




Comparing the two ebikes side by side, there are numerous similarities that make them inseparable. Nonetheless, as we keep pointing out, you have to check out the electrical, mechanical, and physical aspects of these ebikes. When you look past the basic stats and dig a little deeper, you'll learn more about these ebikes, the processes they went through in design and production, and this is where the real value is found.

That attention to detail is a signature of the passion that we here at Hovsco put into everything we design, build, and do. It shows through in the final product and we’re very proud of that and this new ebike that we’re so excited to release into the wild! 

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